About Event

Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.

-Albert Einstein

About Skill it all.

An event that helps you improve yourself

Skill it all is a free soft skill event which aims to enable the personal growth for students of Slovak University of Technology. Participants have the opportunity to develop the skills that are not the main area of focus in their study program, but are nevertheless important. 

Several workshops on different topics lead by a team of hand picked certified trainers are available to choose from. After the event, each participant will receive a certificate that proves the knowledge they aquire and can be useful in their future professional life.

What are soft skills?

Modern buzz word that holds a deeper meaning...

The theory

Soft skills are a set of personal abilities that make contact with others easier. They include different topics, like communication, people skills, emotional inteligence that complement the hard skills, provided by education.

The practice

Even without knowing, soft skills are part of our daily routines. Every interaction we have at work, at school and in personal lives is governed by our skill set and knowing more about the topic can help to govern our behaviour in different situations.

The benefits

Improving soft skills is an excellent way of self development which can be beneficial in your future career. Efficient communication, strong leadership and problem solving abilities, critical thinking and ability to work in teams are just a few examples of benefits that can arise from participating in this event. Showing proficiency in these areas in your CV can distinguish you from other candidates and give you an upper hand in a recruitment process. It can also help you to navigate your environemnt and achieve your goals.

Ready to prepare for the future?

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